Thursday, August 30, 2012

TIL..Iowa is Thick With Poker Bloggers

One of my favorite websites is Reddit. It's colloquially referred to as "The Front Page of the Internet" and is a conglomeration of user created and user shared content.  Take it from me...if you value your productivity and non-digital pursuits, don't go there. It will steal your will to do anything other than try to turn all of the links from blue to purple.

Most of it is funny pictures, memes, odd photos, and generally inappropriate humor, sprinkled with atheism, and hate for "the man," but a couple of the common posts are AMA (ask me anything) and TIL (today I learned).

In an ask me anything post a celebrity or other person with some unique knowledge, notoriety, or interesting insights will provide proof of their identity and then field questions. A couple of the ones I've enjoyed reading in the past were movie and TV star Terry Crews and lead singer of the band System of a Down, Serj Tankian.  Serj's had one of my favorite comments ever. In reference to maybe the best known System of a Down song "Chop Suey" a smart ass Redditor asked, "Why'd you leave the keys up on the table?"  The predictable response was, "He wanted to."

Side note: I have very eclectic music tastes enjoying everything from opera to classic jazz to current pop to name it.  I'm not a fan of most hip-hop music, but I can appreciate the ones that are especially clever or inspired.  I typically don't go for super aggressive hard rock music though. I have to be able to sing along a little or the music has to be interesting in some way or another.  System of a Down on the other hand is probably in my top 3 or 4 hard rock bands.  Their music is not the predictable 4/4 pattern with mindless themes. They adeptly change tempos and moods while expressing their social agenda (which doesn't really match up with my own, but good on them for trying to make a difference).

Oh and last night the President of the United States, Barack Obama, did an AMA and crashed the site. Usually popular AMAs will draw 4 or 5 thousand comments which is a lot by normal Reddit post standards.  The President's currently has somewhere around 22,000 comments. I'm skeptical that it was the actual POTUS fielding questions and not some PR or campaign staffer since almost all of the responses to questions looked like they could have been copied and pasted from his website's FAQ page.

The point of this post was not the AMA, but the TIL post.  Today I learned that Buddy Dank is from Central Iowa.  This was a somewhat shocking revelation to me considering that I was playing in the Buddy Dank Radio tournament which had around 30 some entrants and at least 4 of us were Iowans: Me, Grange95, xkm, and Buddy Dank. Since my little old state only accounts for about one percent of the overall population of the U.S.A. it's a remarkably high number.

Anyway, I luck-boxed my way into a win last night in the Dank getting lucky in a few key spots by playing way looser than I normally would if there were more than play money chips on the line.  But I got bragging rights for a week!!!

Enjoy a music video while you're here:


  1. Thanks. I made a couple of very, very loose calls in situations where I surely would have folded if there were anything of real value at stake. Maybe this is a lesson that I need to loosen up a little in my real tournament play.