Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Game - I Winz It

I played in the regular bi-weekly game I play in during the summer months (show choir rehearsals conflict with it during the school year) last night and lets just say it was definitely my night.  After a slow start thanks to poor play from me I was forced to play short stack ninja and came all the way back and won the whole thing.

I lost about a third of my starting stack chasing a nut flush draw very early.  My wife's nephew is a regular at this game and I lost about two-thirds of what I had left in a hand against him.  I limped in early position with pocket 7s.  The flop came out 4-3-2 with two spades. My nephew bet big and I was the only caller. I considered raising there because I just had a feeling I was in the lead, but I don't think he was going anywhere.  The turn was another 4. My gut told me that was a card I didn't want to see.  My read was that he had A-4, A-3, K-4, or K-3. Now I've played a ton against him so I'm comfortable with his play.  I'm rarely surprised when he reveals his hand. He bet pretty large on the turn and river I still just called in case it was A-3 or K-3 even though my gut was screaming to lay it down after that second 4 fell.

He of course had A-4 suited so he had the trips plus backdoor flush and straight draws.  At this point I had about 1200 left from a starting stack of 6000.  I locked it down and played super tight from there on out and only gambled when forced to near the end of the tournament.  I got super lucky several times at the end of the tournament although there was never a time where I felt I made a bad or incorrect play.  I just kept running my good hands into slightly better ones and getting saved.

Lets see...I won with Q-10 suited vs AA when I rivered a straight, AK suited vs. QQ when I rivered the flush, and K-10 suited vs KK when I turned a straight.  I also called all-ins from short stacks holding K-J when I woke up with A-A and 10-10 when I had J-J and had my hands hold up.

I guess I'll take lucky over good.  I'm taking my winnings from last night and going out to the Prairie Meadows poker room tonight to see if I can win a little extra spending cash or even get lucky and hit their $80,000 bad beat jackpot.  Lets hope the run good continues.


  1. Congrats on the ca$h. Good luck at the ATM, er, I mean Prairie Meadows.

  2. I can't believe that you beat pocket aces with the evil hand suited, and that's what propelled you to the comeback victory... :) Good luck at Prairie Meadows!

  3. I will always take lucky over good. Heck of a night. lol