Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, I guess I better join the chorus of stories about today's blogger tournament on FaceUpGaming. I almost forgot about it, but I joined my table a few minutes after the tournament began.  I still had my whole starting stack so I apparently didn't miss much. 

I looked around the table to see if I recognized anybody and found none other than Waffles sitting three seats to my right. We exchanged pleasantries and he told me I better not eliminate him.  I started out playing super tight, but it didn't take long before I figured out that the tournament was a super turbo with blinds increasing every 5 minutes or so.  The tourney started with 2,000 tournament chips, so it was definitely not a deep stacked event.  The first decent hand I saw was AQ of diamonds after I was down to around 1,600 chips.  I got it all in with my lone opponent when an ace fell on the flop.  He had A-10 and neither of us improved so I doubled early.

A few hands later Waffles raised on my big blind.  After the hand I warned him to stop doing that and he typed something like "lol" or "hahaha" in the chat window. By sheer coincidence his comment happened to come up right after somebody was eliminated. Some dude with Zeus in his name yelled at Waffles for being an inconsiderate jerk.  Now look...Waffles can definitely be an inconsiderate jerk, but this time it was a simple misunderstanding.  To his credit Waffles tried to explain to the guy that he just misunderstood, but he wasn't buying it and a typical online poker game chat fight ensued. Waffles, to his delight, discovered that the FaceUpGaming software doesn't filter swear words.

Note: Waffles claims he raised my big blind mercilessly.  We'll have to let him live under his little delusion that the 2 times he raised it counts as mercilessly.

Wolfshead wound up at our table shortly after the little altercation.  I never tangled with him and we eventually made it to one of the final two tables along with Lightning36.

Waffles got crippled a little later after he got it all in with pocket kings and lost to Ace-rag when an ace flopped. I don't remember what he went out on.  I avenged his internet pissing match by eliminating the Zeus d-bag on the first hand after the break.  I was the BB and he was the SB.  I had A5 offsuit and the flop was a beautiful A5A with two spades.  Zeus bet almost his entire stack and I couldn't shove my stack in fast enough. He showed 78 of spades for the flush draw. He didn't hit his miracle turn and river for the straight flush and it was buh-bye Zeus.

I finally went out in 15th when I shoved my stack that was like 7-8 big blinds with QJ suited and it lost to J8 offsuit when the flop contained a jack and an eight.  I hung around and railed Wolfshead and Lightning who eventually went out in 8th and 3rd respectively.

The one cool feature they had on the site was the ability to feed your microphone and webcam directly to the table so you could live chat a la Skype with other people at the table.  I didn't take advantage of it, but Wolfshead and Lightning seemed to have a good time with the banter.  I had to mute them because they were causing me to sometimes miss the little bell that signaled it was my turn to act.

I hadn't played online poker with anything of value on the line in over a year, so it was nice to get back to the tables. It was your usual blogger donkament and I wish I could claim some great skill in making it deep, but with the structure of this one it was all about catching cards at the right time and avoiding bad beats because it was a complete shovefest after only about an hour of play.  Too bad Josie didn't play.  I would have really enjoyed having some bragging rights for outlasting her.

Play lucky.


  1. Sweetie, If I played, you wouldn't have lasted longer. ;)

    I was busy tanning in the backyard, getting tourney updates via text.

    1. So many comments to be made about you and "lasting longer" but I'll leave those to Waffles.

      At one point Lightning said something like, "This site must think I'm Josie because I keep catching cards like crazy." So if you had been there you probably would have stolen the run good from all of us.

  2. Only reason anyone really wanted Josie to play was so that they could see the word WHORE on the screen more often than a TBC breakdown after an AK loss when he pushed Pre against AA and AA because he wanted to see all 5 cards.

  3. Oh yeah -- this is part of the reason why some players thought it was "their" tournament -- from Ante Up Magazine (online version):

    Face Up Gaming is awarding an Ante Up Poker Cruise package to the winner of its first Battle of the Bloggers tournament at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 9.

    Fans of Ante Up Magazine, Alcanthang, Pocket Fives and Pokerati have been invited to participate in the free tournament.

    So I guess we all thought it was "our" tournament.

    1. Yeah a poker cruise to the Bahamas wouldn't have sucked, huh? You'll have to let us all know how smoothly getting those sunglasses goes so we can decide if it's worth doing anything else on there.

  4. Nice run JT. Would have been nice to have you at the final table making it 4 on 4.

    Guess Face Up was playing everyone looking for max publicity. I won't complain. Don't mind some competition and compared to what is out there for the taking these days it was better than a broke dick dog.

    1. It was an interesting little tournament. Other than the usual crappy early tournament play it seemed like there were generally solid players there, so even though it quickly turned into a shovefest you had to use your head.

      I have to tell you that your camera avatar freaked me out a little. When you first switched it on I thought, "Huh, Wolfshead apparently has a .GIF file for his avatar." Then I realized that it wasn't just doing the same thing over and over again and was apparently a live shot.