Saturday, June 30, 2012

FaceUpGaming Take 2

So there was another Bloggers freeroll on today. I made it fairly deep last time, so I decided to give this one a shot too. I had been planning to drive over to a nearby casino to play in a live tournament, but decided instead to stick around home and join with my virtual friends on the virtual felt.

Lets just say that the blogger event didn't come off quite as smoothly as last time. About 5 hands into the event I looked up and realized I had been disconnected.  I thought it may have just been me or my internet connection, so I closed and reopened my browser, logged back into Face Up Gaming, etc. to no avail. Still couldn't get the tourney to open back up again. I found a few of the other bloggers bitching about it on Twitter and realized I wasn't alone.

I finally got back in after 5 minutes or so and discovered I hadn't really lost any chips, so apparently everyone at my table had been disconnected too. Saw precisely two hands that I folded before I was disconnected again.  This time it took about 10-15 minutes before I could reconnect and I wasn't as happy with what I found this time around.  Apparently not everyone had disconnected so somebody was hard at work clicking raise over and over again stealing the blinds of all the other people who were disconnected.  My 2200 or so chips were gone and I had been eliminated in 86-88th place according to the tournament lobby.

Once again there were several bloggers complaining via Twitter and their own blogs that they had suffered the same fate as me.

Gotta love two things about this.  First the frustration of being blocked from participating in the tournament and second the douchebaggery of the person who took massive advantage of the opportunity to steal, steal, steal over and over again when playing against people they are acquainted with. I don't know if the tournament continued to its conclusion and people were awarded prizes.  If so I hope they drop their iPad or iPod and shatter the screen as they remove it from the package.
I will most definitely not be paying to play on Face Up Gaming and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody else either.  I think inviting poker bloggers to play on your site is a great marketing idea. Hopefully you get some very cheap publicity out of the deal...I  mean unless you royally screw the pooch. (And the pooch is walking decidedly bow-legged after today's effort.)

I might go back if it's another free event, but I won't skip other plans for it.


  1. Quite a disappointment today since the first tourney wasn't that bad. I only got to play a few hands and never got back online until I was already out.

    In favor of Face Up Gaming, my ipad was delivered quickly. Shame they didn't come through when they were center stage.

  2. What a mess. Just like you changed your plans to play in this thing, JG, so did I. I took a shortcut on my errands and didn't get everything I needed. And for what? To play in a tournament that didn't work right? To just scream at my computer in frustration for 30 minutes? I swear for a time there I thought my computer viruses and malware were back.

    I want my day back from Face Up? Where do I file a claim?

  3. All I can do is say ditto to what you and the above comment people said. What a shame.

  4. That really stinks. I had a graduation party to attend or I would've played.

  5. yeah I agree with you.. all I really wanted was a fun, chat filled day with some bloggers.. and to have a little something monetary involved so people would take it a little serious..

    all I got was aggravation from the start.