Monday, September 25, 2017

Bonus Poker Content

I meant to add this as a short post script to the previous post about the football game, but forgot.  Last week I played the $50 tournament at my local casino.  I went out in about 25th place when I checked my option in the big blind with A-10.  I had about 12 big blinds remaining.  The flop was 10 high rainbow, so I bet $1,200.  The dealer for some reason announced my bet as $3,300. The next player to act put out $3,500 before I could correct the dealer. The dealer informed the player my bet was really $1,200 and he said, "Okay, I raise to $3,500.  It folded back to me and since I would only be left with about $4,000 if I called, I shoved and the other player insta-called.  I turned over my top pair top kicker and he revealed...aces.

The really interesting story from this tournament happened at the table next to mine though. One player at the table was trying to play the role of table captain.  You know the type...trying to call out people's hands, making big bluffs and showing them, chiding other players for folding, and just generally trying to control the action and get under the skin of the other players so they'll call him down light.

In the critical hand the table captain was heads up with an older gentleman who could best be described as nitty.  The old man seemed to be taking a while to make his decision when the captain said, "I'll call whatever you bet." In response to this declaration the old man immediately said, "Okay, I'm all in," and pushed his chips forward.

The table captain starts to muck when the dealer says, "No, you said you would call whatever he bet, you have to call." The captain says, "The action wasn't on me, so that's not binding."  The dealer called the floor who listened to all of the involved parties and then called over the other person working the floor that evening.  They conferred and declared the captain had to call.  It wasn't all of his chips, but it was a significant amount leaving him pretty short. He of course complained rigorously using some colorful language in the process claiming that this ruling was different from "every other poker room in the entire country."

The poker room at Prairie Meadows fairly recently moved from a separate room on the 4th floor of the complex to the casino floor on the 2nd level.  This means it is now under the control and management of the woman that runs all of the table games.  According to the poker dealers she is a very "take no shit" kinda gal.  She just happened to be checking in with the poker room staff when this all went down and told the guy to watch his language and drop it.  The ruling has been made and isn't going to change, so let it go.  She gave him one warning and said if he cursed again or brought up the ruling again he would be asked to leave.

He made it about 3 hands before he brought it up again and she immediately swooped in and said, "That's it. You're done let's go." And then she and a security guard escorted him out and his small stack was left behind to be blinded off.

I've never seen anybody get kicked out of a tournament that cheap before, but the dude was really fired up. I mean I get that he disagreed with the decision, but it's a $50 tournament and wasn't for like a $1,000 pot in a cash game or something.


  1. I like this story! I don't know why some casinos put up with a whole lot of crap from some players.

  2. They conferred and declared the captain had to call.

    Good -- he got what he deserved.

    Once at a final table, a drunk guy had 40 million chips (ok, well, a lot of them), but every other word was the F word, and other obnoxious behavior. They warned him about five times, then finally kicked him out of the tournament and took his chips out of play. That was harsh, but he was ruining the tournament for the others, so I was glad they did it.