Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Play Money Fun

I like playing poker, but most of the time I don't have the disposable income to play as much as I would like.  Recently "The Dank" got rebooted on Poker Stars as a play money home game. This has led me to start playing a lot of play money sit n go tournaments on Poker Stars just to kill time while watching football on the weekend or in the evenings to wind down before bed.

Since they are play money games it's impossible to not play them a little looser than you would with real money at stake and it has made me realize something.  My normal style of poker is way too tight.  I've had lots of success in these sit n go tourney's thanks to looser than usual play that is just a wee bit tighter than most of the maniacs on there who are shoving on the first hand with any face card.

I have to admit to a little douche-baggery on my part though.  I can't help but mess with the players that take play money games way too seriously.  You see all kinds, but the ones that make me laugh the hardest are the ones that are pausing a really long time to try to make their easy decisions seem like hard decisions.  These are the same guys that lose their minds when somebody snaps off their TPTK shove because they called with bottom pair and hit trips or two pair on the river.

So the other night I had made it to the final 3 in a two table sit n go that paid 4 spots. I had a fairly sizeable chip lead.  The other two players were super tight and clearly took their play money game very seriously based on comments they had made earlier in the game to the "donks" and "idiots" who kept getting lucky.  I announced that I needed to leave (which was partly true) and started declaring what cards I had and shoving preflop.  When they both would fold I'd show my cards to prove I was being honest about what I held. 

About 6 hands into this process I'm dealt pocket aces.  I'm dishonest for the first time and announce 9-2 off suit and shove. The player with the next largest stack of like 5,000 to my 18,000 called and revealed King-Jack off suit.  He caught a King, but nothing more and was eliminated in third place.

I chuckled to myself as I pictured him punching his keyboard while cursing about that lying sack of shit JT88Keys.  It kind of makes me wish there was a way for them to send me private messages on there.

So if you miss the days of your youth spent burning ants with a magnifying glass, you really should play some play money tournaments on Poker Stars. It's very entertaining.


  1. Oooo How can you tell when a poker player is lying? His lips are moving, or in your case, he's typing.

    lol Very enjoyable post - makes me almost want to play The Dank tomorrow night.