Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Missing Dad

Tonight I had to go over to my mom's place to fix her computer.  For some reason her Mozilla Firefox decided to start blocking the Java plugin which prevented her from playing her fake slots at which was an unimaginable tragedy that had to be remedied RIGHT NOW.

As I was working on the computer she started telling me how she was getting a bunch of dad's stuff ready to sell at my sister's garage sale and kept asking me if I wanted any of it.  I wanted to take it all because I didn't want to have strangers buying my dad's stuff for a nickel or a dime.  Plus dad hated garage sales.  When my mom used to have them he would occasionally be asked to man the cash box while mom went and got lunch or something.  The garage sale regulars pride themselves on getting the best deal possible.  They would bring items to my dad that were marked 25 cents and ask, "Would you take a dime for this?" Dad would always refuse and when they would tell him that it wasn't going to sell for a quarter he would always say the same thing, "If you want it it's 25 cents.  If it doesn't sell I'll donate it to charity."

Mom also told me that the monument company finally installed dad's headstone.  I'm playing golf tomorrow at a course right across the street from the cemetery where he's buried so I'll be stopping by to see the headstone.  

On the way home from mom's the finality of his passing hit me again.  I sat in my family room when I got home with the TV droning in the background and went through pictures of him reminiscing by myself.

I have had so many things since he passed that I just wanted to run by him to get his opinion, but I can't do that anymore...ever again.

I miss him.


  1. I lost my dad 14 years ago, so I have some idea what you're going through. Nice post.

    1. It's been just shy of six months since my dad passed, but he wasn't really himself for about the last two years of his life. He lost all mobility due to a back injury and then started to suffer from moderate dementia, so I think I had already mourned the loss before he actually died. I'd done pretty well coping until last night the whole thing just sort of overtook me.

  2. this was one of those bad days everyone kept talking about. You know: "You'll have good days and bad days."

    Steady as she goes, Piano Man. This too shall pass and all that.

  3. April 26, is the day my Mom died. It'll be 16 years. She's been gone longer than I knew her.
    I still miss her, it doesn't go away. Sometimes you forget for a while.

  4. I used to like garage sales and don't mind shopping at them, but I just hate having one and having people dicker over a nickle. C'mon ...

    I'd always thought that my family was very fortunate to have my dad's body give out before his mind. He had dementia, but it had not gotten too severe by the time he passed away.

    Hope things are better for you!